Back to school tips for kids with Autism

Back to school is getting closer and it tremors feelings of both excitement and uneasiness for kids with Autism spectrum. You should be receiving a list of the required school supplies from your school, it’s time to ensure you have everything on the list to meet your child’s needs. You can never be too prepared and this is key to helping kids with Autism feel more at ease about school! An important part of preparing for school is to establish routine with these children to help them calm their jitters when beginning the new year. Make your child’s first days easier with these few tips:

  • Arrange to meet with the school principal to talk about your child’s needs and their experiences with kids on the spectrum
  • Ask to be given a tour of the school before the new year starts and take pictures of the school and play areas. Create a picture book for your child
  • Meet the teachers before the year begins. This will allow you to possibly discuss seating, possible distractions and your child’s strengths and weaknesses
  • If your child has a friend that is moving with him, arrange play dates during the summer or before school starts and let your child know their friend will be with them in their new school
  • Start minimising electronics. If your child plays on them too much it can make school transitioning more challenging
  • Stay positive, start the year with an upbeat, can-do attitude!

With these few tips hopefully, the transition to beginning school this year will be much easier for Autistic children. Introducing the idea of beginning school early on is key to preparing them for the change as well as ensuring they are set in a routine to reassure them. Along with an upbeat and positive attitude hopefully parents are feeling more confident about their child’s transition and excited to start a new beginning!