Gift ideas for special needs children

Getting the right gift can be testing for everyone, but it can be extra hard when you are buying for a child with special needs. What will they be able to get enjoyment out of, and be able to use. It’s important for special needs kids to have fun and feel included during the Christmas period.

Wheel guards

Wheel guards on a wheelchair can be a great gift, they are personal, and add character to a wheelchair. It is something that will be well used, they can also be a great conversation starter, having “cool” wheels on your wheelchair. They can come in a verity of colours, sizes, and designs to suit all kids.


Wireless headphones can be a great gift, everyone loves music and its one thing most special needs kids can enjoy too. If they struggle with hearing, the headphones can be great as they can have what they are listening to as loud as it suits them, it can help to keep the whole family happy. And no cords and make everything easier.

2-seater Kayak/blow up boat

This is an interesting one, but if you can find a way to get your child sitting in a supported position for example in the firefly GoTo seat, a Kayak is a way they can enjoy the summer outdoors. The seat in some kayaks are sloped slightly which can be good for someone with special needs.  Another water activity idea is a blow-up boat, this is better for smaller children, where a parent can sit in the boat behind them giving them the support they need, while you splash around in a pool, lake or beach.


Clothing can be a good gift, older children are more likely to appreciate it, but if you get them something special, some nice P.J’s something you know they love like micky mouse, or even a dress up suit, they don’t need to be able to do much to dress up in a superman outfit.


Some games are good for special needs children, for example you can buy large table top Noughts and crosses, the pieces are big and easy to handle. Other games such as large foam ten pin bowling sets. These are good to take on a picnic and to play with friends, all you need to be able to do is throw a light soft ball.

Sensory toys

Things that feel different and interesting to touch, squish can be great for some kids. And they can often play with this sort of stuff in their chair. For example, play doe, slime, fake snow, bubbles, and sand. Not only is its great fun to play with it can help them with therapy as well.



Everyone can use a backpack, and they can easily hang on the back of a wheelchair. They are great for holding toys, lunch or any special needs gear, and can be personalised.   


A few other options that special needs children you use or play with:

  • Bath bombs
  • Beach wheelchair
  • DVD player
  • Little ride in car
  • Special needs bike /trike
  • Swing seat