When and How Did the Paralympics Begin?

The Paralympic Games has grown from humble origins to become one of the world’s largest and most-renowned sporting events, with over 146 nations sending athletes to compete at the recent games. But where did it all begin, and how did it become the global sporting powerhouse it is today?

Eight Awesome Tips to Help Your Child Sleep Well

A good night’s sleep is essential for the health and wellbeing of individuals, but it can also mean a happier and more harmonious living space for everyone who resides under the same roof. Sleep quality has a massive impact on moods, health, appetite, emotional equilibirum and the capacity to focus on tasks at hand.

Kids with special needs can find it tough to get a good night’s sleep for a variety of reasons, so we’ve put together this handy list of tips to help you out:

1. Calming bedtime routine

Top 10 Books About Disability to Add to Your Reading List

Books have been essential to humankind, ever since the first Egyptian put pen to papyrus (so to speak!). In recent years there has been an explosion in stories about disability, and they all speak to the richness of human experience. From memoirs to satire and picture books about kids living on the spectrum, we are pleased to share 10 invaluable books about disability and special needs.

Title: I See Things Differently

Author: Pat Thomas

Adaptive Clothing for People With Disabilities and Special Needs

Anything that empowers people with disabilities or special needs gets a huge thumbs up from us. Living with special needs can be challenging, particularly when it comes to personal care. Adaptive clothing offers simple yet innovative solutions to the difficulties posed by conventional clothing, enabling individuals to be more comfortable and independent in their daily lives.

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