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Help us transform shopping trips for special needs families across Australia.


The GoTo Shop is an adapted trolley for children with special needs that provides extra postural and head support and a secure five-point harness.

The GoTo Shop trolley has revolutionised shopping for special needs families in the UK and now we want to bring this to Australia. Let’s work together to encourage our local supermarkets to adopt this amazing trolley and make a huge difference to the lives of Australia’s special needs families.

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Love the idea of having a GoTo Shop trolley in your local supermarket? Together we can encourage our supermarkets to support the special needs community and adopt the GoTo Shop.

There are three ways to make your voice heard:

Active Rehab Goto Shop



Help us get the world out and share the campaign on Facebook.

Active Rehab Goto Shop



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Active Rehab GoTo Shop Flyer



Download and print the flyer and take it to your local supermarket.

Become a Supporter

Register your support of the GoTo Shop campaign and you will add to our tally of supporters, building our chorus of voices so that the supermarkets will have no choice but to take notice!

As a registered supporter you will receive a monthly update on campaign progress and can download the flyer to take into your local store.


Make it personal: hand this flyer to your store!

This campaign will only succeed if Australia’s supermarket managers hear our call for change. How better to make them hear us than to tell them in person?

Download and print this flyer and take it in to your local supermarket to show them that you want a GoTo Shop in your store.

Download Community Flyer

About the Campaign

Successful campaign in UK resulted in over 3,000 GoTo Shop trolleys countrywide

This campaign follows the lead of a successful campaign to improve accessibility in supermarkets in the UK. The special needs community successfully campaigned Tesco, Sainsbury’s and other leading retailers to adopt the GoTo Shop trolley, with the ultimate result of over 3,000 GoTo Shop trolleys now being available to special needs families across the country.

We believe we can mirror this success and see 500 to 1,000 GoTo Shop Trolleys accessible in major supermarkets across Australia. But we need your help: it’s only through the motivated action of the Australian special needs community that we will raise a chorus of support that is seen and heard by the big boys in Australian retailing.

Lead by the team at Active Rehab

This campaign is an initiative of Victorian rehabilitation equipment retailer Active Rehab, in partnership with Queensland based trolley manufacturer QHDC.

We usually work with paediatric therapists to provide high-end customised wheelchairs and rehabilitation equipment, but when we heard about this initiative we thought “That’s amazing. Surely we can do that here too!”.

We’re providing the spark, kicking the campaign off, but it’s up to you – the Australian special needs community, families, and friends – to breathe life into it and transform our single voice into a roar that is heard right across the land!

Yours truly,
The Active Rehab Team.

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