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Jenx Standz Abduction Stander

Jenx Standz Abduction Stander
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Standz abduction standing system offers Prone and Supine abducted standing (of up to 60°). Standz is available with a full range of accessories to accommodate all users, and is suitable for children up to approximately 9 years old.

Inspired by the clinical benefits of abducted standing we have worked closely with therapists from all over the world to ensure the perfect combination of clinical positioning with simplicity of use and are delighted to bring you Standz – our most versatile standing frame yet!



Standz offers Prone or Supine standing and easily accommodates either abducted or neutral leg positioning for children between the ages of 1-9.

Leg length discrepancy is easily accommodated by the individual control for knee and foot positioning and all adjustments are tool free to enable quick and effective clinical postural adjustments. An extensive range of accessories ensures that Standz can accommodate children with a wide range of postural requirements.


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