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Sensory Pod

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The sensory pod is designed for children on the autism spectrum, it’s an enclosed calming space fitted out with mood lighting that can be changed to suit and change the mood of the child. It’s a space they can relax calm down and have fun. Inside our safe space there is an illuminated stargazer mirror with back light multi-function LED lights, and there is a 22’’smart TV which is pre-loaded with learning applications.




3 Beds in 1

There is a three-tiered bed system, which comes with 3 memory foam mattresses. There is a bed on top of the pod, and a trundle that pulls out from under the pod.

Temperature Control 

Our Safe Space Adjusts Its own interior temperature to the Outside temperature where it is situated.


This calming space Measures 2.4m long by 1.2m wide and is full of Amazing features as standard. 

Quite Time

" Quite Time " System is being managed. We believe every child should have the right to there own private space to unwind and gather there thoughts. School can be a stressful time for children on the Spectrum therefore we design or products to be ambient and enjoyable to be in. Our system is very modular and we can adapted to suit many different children.


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