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Electric Wheelchairs

Electric wheelchairs, sometimes known as power chairs or motorised wheelchairs, are wheelchairs that is propelled by an electric motor rather than manual power.

Is an electric wheelchair right for me?

Electric wheelchairs are commonly used people who aren’t able to propel a manual wheelchair with their arms. They are also used by people who need to use a wheelchair to cover long distances, move over terrain which would be exhausting in a manual chair or have a cardiovascular and fatigue-based conditions that limits physical exertion.

Where can I use my electric wheelchair?

Electric wheelchairs come in be designed for indoor, outdoor, or all- surface  use.

A typical indoor electric wheelchair will be narrow and short, to help it manoeuvring around tight environments. The controls are usually simple, and due to the smaller design, the chair is less not ideal for outdoor use.  Indoor electric wheelchairs come with smooth carpet tyres to look after the flooring in homes and workplaces.

Like it’s indoor counterpart, all-source motorised wheelchairs are small in design, but come with better batteries, grippy tyres and can include a curb-climber. These electric wheelchairs are intended for indoor and footpath use only.

Outdoor electric wheelchairs have a considerable range, a large wheelbase to help with stability, and large tyres which improve the comfort and handling of the chair. These can sometimes be driven indoors in adapted environments, but not around a typical home.

Some very large outdoor electric chairs have been designed with cross-country mobility in mind and show design convergence with other types of cross-country vehicle.

Paired with the potential to control movement from a strategically located, ergonomic joystick, motorised wheelchairs are the perfect solution when you need a safe and reliable wheelchair to help you get around.

Finding the right electric wheelchair

At Active Rehab, our goal is to help you find an electric wheelchair that is best suited to you and your lifestyle.

A high quality electric wheelchair opens up new horizons for manoeuvrability, and will take you places you never dreamed possible!

So, whether tackling the outdoors, or getting around indoors, our electric and motorised wheelchairs have superior performance and durability to suit your individual needs.

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