When the Going Gets Tough, Read These Inspirational Quotes

The love parents have for their children can never be underestimated, but it’s important not to pretend that taking care of children with special needs is all butterflies and unicorns. Sometime it’s tough. So tough. When you feel like the rollercoaster is too exhausting, that’s when it’s time to take care of the soul.

Without wanting to sound trite, sometimes it can help to reset your mind in a positive way by immersing yourself in inspirational words, quotes or passages that seek to comfort and uplift the human spirit.

The Boy and the Dog Who Communicate Through Sign Language

Connor Guillet has a new best mate. Her name is Ellie, a foster dog. This kind of story plays out on a regular basis all over the world, but Connor and Ellie share a special bond – they communicate through sign language.

10 Times that Hollywood Got Special Needs Right

Hollywood and the mainstream media in general is notorious for their negative, dismissive or inaccurate portrayals of people with disabilities. In some cases they seem to get it right, and are able to portray the nuances of disability without being patronising or stereotypical. Here are ten great movies about people with special needs:

1. Ray

The Power of Belief: Noelia Garella Becomes First Teacher with Down Syndrome

31 year old Noelia Garella was rejected for preschool as a child and labeled a “monster” – all because she has Down Syndrome. In a surprise twist decades later she defied societal taboos around disability to achieve her childhood dream of becoming a teacher. Based in her Argentinian hometown of Cordoba, it is thought to be the first appointment of its kind in Latin America.

Noelia fights to overcome prejudice

Small Town Victoria Becomes the Model for Inclusivity

We’ve certainly come a long way since people with disabilities were shunned from society and put to work in sheltered workshops, and more and more we are seeing the principles of accessibility and inclusivity embraced by the wider community. Nowhere is this more evident than in Hamilton, a small town in rural Victoria. You may never have heard of it, but this forward-thinking community is leading the way when it comes to inclusiveness for people with disabilities.

One place, many possibilities

First McDonalds Employee with Down Syndrome Celebrates 30 Year Milestone

You might not have heard of him, but Russell O’Grady is a local legend in the Sydney suburb of Northmead, and can barely walk down the street without someone stopping him for a chat. He’s also a bit of a legend to his managers and workmates at McDonalds, where he has been working for the last 30 years.

This might not seem overly unusual, but Russell O’Grady has Down Syndrome, and is one of the first ever disabled people to be placed in work through Jobsupport’s program to place people with intellectual disabilities into employment in the regular workforce.

Your Gift Guide for Children With Special Needs

1. Elefun

This classic butterfly catching game is fun for people of all ages, and is especially great for kids who suffer from juvenile arthritis or who have issues with motor coordination. The slowly cascading butterflies give everyone plenty of time to catch them in their net.

Dustin from Stranger Things Talks About Disability and Representation

“Stranger Things” has been the surprise hit show on Netflix this year, and one character in particular has won hearts all around the world. His name is Dustin Henderson, and he has amassed a serious cult following since the series started. Ironically, despite his popularity Gaten Matarazzo - the actor who plays Dustin - has spoken about how hard it is for him to find acting jobs.

The reason?

He has cleidocranial dysplasia, a rare condition that affects the development of the teeth and bones.

15 Ways to Create New Christmas Traditions With Your Special Needs Child

Christmas is a fun and exciting time of year, but it can also be overwhelming or tiring for kids who have special needs. We’ve put together a list of appropriate activities that you might like to enjoy together in the lead up to December 25. It’s a great way to create some heartwarming traditions for your family.

Dinesh Palipana Becomes QLD’s First Quadriplegic Medical Intern

Dinesh Palipana was one of the best interns to have ever graduated from the Griffith School of Medicine, excelling in his chosen field of study despite having the additional challenge of being quadriplegic.

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